The Hill For Jesus Video Clip

Seattle View from Volunteer Park
in Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Not familiar with Capitol Hill?

Taking the Church to the streets

Instead of dragging people to church, we will take the church to them.
Our church address is Capitol Hill.

It is our goal to humbly and lovingly present the life-changing, uplifting Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the Capitol Hill and Seattle area. We seek to reach those bound up in crime, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and poverty, sexual immorality, false religion, atheism, agnosticism, physical and mental disabilities, and other challenges.

Because the number of Capitol Hill residents and those who frequent Capitol Hill are not as likely to go to church, we are compelled to bring the church to them. We reach out to the homeless, those in the bars and night clubs, businesses, colleges, and ultimately to every home in Capitol Hill.

We are trusting for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in such a way that the Capitol Hill area will be changed—evidenced by unrepentant sinners not feeling comfortable in their sin and then looking for Jesus Christ. They will want to be set free from the bondage they live in because they begin feel convicted and yet encouraged by the hope that Jesus Christ offers. Those who are set free will then help others come to the Lord. Jesus is the key for Capitol Hill to become a place where people come to encounter and experience God instead of depravity.

We accomplish our mission through intercessory prayer, food and clothing distribution, drama presentations, Cell Group, discipleship classes, deliverance ministry, Biblical recovery programs, treatment center referrals and follow-up, street evangelism, and ultimately Spirit-filled, Biblically-based preaching through church services.

Being led by the Holy Spirit, we engage with the street community in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and simply love and serve them. We go where the people 'shoot up', 'party', 'hang out', 'sleep'. We go where the sinners are living out their life. The number one thing we do is 'rub shoulders with the community'. We are currently ministering every Saturday by offering food, clothing, prayer, and counseling. During the week we visit those who 'hang out' on Broadway.

Throughout the year we do special outreaches.

The foundation of this ministry must be the love of God, the truth of the Bible, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Love of God
For many of the people living on Capitol Hill (or anyplace else), all they have experienced is the distorted love of this world. Most of them—even those who have a Christian background—have not experienced the true love of Jesus. This ministry strives to reflect the love of Jesus Christ, especially as we interact with those we serve.

We believe that showing mercy and grace is indicative of the love that Jesus showed when he reached out to the repentant lost. When a person truly experiences the mercy and grace of God, they are more likely to want to turn from sin than if they are confronted with a forceful or harsh Gospel message challenge. It is the very grace of God that gives a person the ability to repent.

Truth of the Bible
The love and grace of God without the truth of atonement, judgment, repentance, and regeneration is a “sloppy agape” Gospel. We would not be preaching and teaching the Gospel if we failed to preach the entire Gospel message, which is clearly stated in the Word of God. It is the preaching of the Word and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit that bring a person to the point of repentance. It is the Word of God that sets a person free from sin. It is the Word of God that shows the way to righteousness. It is the Word of God that gives hope. It is the Word of God that “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 14:6).

Power of the Holy Spirit
Without the power of the Holy Spirit our preaching, teaching, feeding, is vain. It is the power of the Holy Spirit working in someone one's life that brings deliverance from every sin and destructive behavior.

The Hill for Jesus is an outreach ministry of Victory Life Center.