Victory Life Center

Serving on Capitol Hill

It's time to take the church to the people,
instead of dragging the people to the church!

As they experience Jesus, they will want to come to church

We minister to some of the people of Capitol Hill by:

  • Feeding and clothing on Saturdays

  • Showing a video and discussing its theme

  • Doing arts and crafts

  • Visiting with people on the street, in jail, and in homes

  • At times providing coffee and a smile in the morning

  • Doing an Alpha Course Bible Study

  • Concerts and drama

  • Cell Group

We would like to have other feeding days (that are much more evangelistic); singers and dancers on the street with ministry afterwards; visiting with people in the bars, bath houses, businesses, and homes; work with other local churches; more times of group prayer/intercession/worship.

In order to do this, we need help. We need those who desire to be servants of the Lord on Capitol Hill. Every believer has a talent, gift, calling that can be of use for the Lord's will on Capitol Hill.

Are you called to serve on Capitol Hill? If so, e-mail us.