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Extreme Saturday on The Hill

| June 2004 | Sept 6, 2003 | June 14, 2003 | Sept 7, 2002 |

Before we share the great testimonies from previous Extreme Saturdays, we want to thank all of the volunteers in the past. There are too many to mention on an individual basis, but you know who you are, and the successes of the past would have never occurred without your help. Some of you have participated in every Extreme Saturday. We have another Extreme Saturday on June 10, 2006. We hope the 'old timers' will be up for another Extreme Saturday.

June 2004


Because Rich (founder of The Hill for Jesus and Event Coordinator) had been in L.A. May for his private wedding and was going for his larger wedding in L.A. a few days after this event, there wasn't as much time to coordinate the event and do follow up. So we shortened the length of the event. Originally we were going to cancel the event, but many asked us to still do it.

We felt lead to start this event by repenting for the way the Body of Christ has not be united. We had a foot washing event where volunteers washed each other's feet. We then went out and washed the feet of those who attended. Some of the people were very touched that we were willing to wash their feet, let them know we love them, and pray for them.

There were several people who stayed for the whole event. We had many people who have come at previous Extreme Saturdays and said they would not want to miss it. Some of them brought friends who had never been to the event.

Every person who came to the event were exposed to the gospel the entire day. The ministry team visited with people throughout the event. We don't know of anyone accepting Christ, but there were recommitments.

There are individuals that attended the event that we are seeing weekly and some have attended church at various times.

September 6, 2003


  • A gentleman received a flyer Friday night and came to the park very early on Saturday before the event. He stayed until the very end. He came because he was depressed, discouraged, and wanted change in his life. He made a recommitment to Jesus and wants to do bible studies.
  • One of the homeless people we minister to each week accepted Christ into his life.
  • Four more homeless/near homeless individuals that we minister to, are open to doing bible studies and receiving more visitation and counsel.
  • An individual has suffered brain damage and needs help organizing their home and life. They are considering Buddhism. A couple of us are going to be able to visit with them and help redirect them towards Jesus.
  • There was an individual that came with many mental and neurological issues. They left telling me that they felt a peace all over them.
  • An individual was prayed for by the healing team and has a much clearer understanding of God's will for his life. Their prayers helped confirm what he has known in his heart.
  • After the event ended a young man approached one of our volunteers. He was involved in hopping trains with a very bad guy and hanging out with a girl who was heavy into drugs. He was messing with meth. He made a recommitment to Jesus. He desires to get his life in order and get connected with family that live outside the area. We are helping him to do this.
  • After the event a family of six showed up in a van. They drove in from Vancouver B.C. and are currently homeless and without money. We was able to get them connected with a ministry that provides temporary housing so they can get back on their feet. We were able to provide them gas and a few dollars so the husband can get the van back to Canada and take the bus back to Seattle. They are wonderful family that loves the Lord.
  • A homeless person said he wanted what those who were ministering to him had. He was lead into the sinners prayer and received Jesus Christ into his life.


June 14 2003

The most common statement made about the event was that individuals experienced the peace and presence of the Lord at the event. Compared to Extreme Saturday Sept 2002, there was even more openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There were no protests or complaints from the homosexual community other than one individual who also complained at next year's event. he has obvious emotional wounding from Christians. We are praying for him.

Because of people coming and going there is no way to know how many people were at the event, but we would estimate at least 200 based upon the food that was served. Needless to say many were feed and received clothing.

Based upon the reports we have received there were at least six salvations/recommitments. Even though many were homeless were are making an attempt to follow-up on these individuals.

  • A 20-year old young man that desires to be set free from the homosexual lifestyle. Several ministered to him during the event. He is homeless and we are trying to connect with him to give him continual help. (In 2005 he meet up with us and he now has a wife)
  • An Asian young man who is a Buddhist is considering Christianity.
  • A drag queen who is considering the claims of Christ and appears to making some attempts to leave this lifestyle.
  • A homeless Vietnam vet who is disabled that we have been able to take to church a couple of times. He loves Jesus and needs healing to his body.
  • The homosexual gentleman who was antagonistic last time showed up again. This time he talked with one of our leaders who has come out of the homosexual lifestyle. He once again was angry.

  • Lower back was healed. Individual had ongoing pain for years. All pain left.
  • A person who state he had a spirit of fear on him state it left. He was slain and felt peace after being ministered to.
  • Inner healing for a young man.
  • Lady with sprain ankle that was swollen with ice pack. Swelling went down and was able to walk with no pain out of the park.

Sept 7, 2002

How Many?
We don't know since people would stay for awhile and leave and then others would come. Based upon the food we had, we would estimate 100-150 people (not counting volunteers) came to the event.

Atmosphere of the event
There was an atmosphere of peace and unity. We know of only two very minor incidents. It seemed that the 'audience' was happy to be at the event .Other than a minor incident, there were no conflicts with the homosexual community. It was a very peaceful event. It was very evident there was unity among the Christians.

Some of the volunteers came with fear, but left with peace in their heart. For some, they were stretched to come to Capitol Hill, but they left having compassion for the lost and hurting.

We know of three people receiving salvation and around five recommitments. There also was one gentleman who received deliverance from demonization.

There were many seeds planted into the hearts and minds of individuals. More than once the comment was made by attendees that we were true Christians.

Some Testimonies

  • The event had not even officially started and we had someone make a recommitment to the Lord.

  • One gentleman came to the park at 1:00 very discouraged. He stayed till 6:30 and said he was very blessed.

  • One very evident homosexual gentleman came up to me and said the event was great and thanked me for putting it together. Read more under contrast.

  • A Native Indian asked for prayer to be delivered from alcohol. As he was prayed for, demonic voices came from his mouth, he was cursing, blaspheming, and shaking on the ground. One sister anointed him with Spikenard anointing oil and spoke against the spirit of emasculation and the manifestations immediately stopped. Trudy was dancing (a somewhat Indian dance) and he ran up and danced with her. Speaking with the gentleman  he said he had no idea how he got to the park, but he knows he was set free.

At the beginning of the event I had a homosexual gentleman (he did not fit the stereotype of a homosexual) walk up to me and asked what we were doing. He was antagonistic and did not what to listen. He just wanted to bash us and Christians. Even when we apologized for the foolish actions of some Christians, he had a mindset that could not be broken. We tried to explain to him that we do believe homosexuality is sin just like anger, lust, stealing-we all need a Savior. But we do not force anyone to change. That is a choice between them and God. We asked him to stay and watch our actions. He was just too wounded to listen. He kept talking about "Our people have been abused by you fundamental Christians". "Why are you on our hill?" "Why are you trying to take over our park?"  He left bitter even when a sister tried to give him an opportunity to share his hurt.

Later in the event a very obvious homosexual (he had painted fingernails, double hooped earrings, all the mannerisms-I have seen him before) walked up to me. He wanted to compliment us on the event. He said it was very good, he just did not like the comedian and could we get him off the stage.

Both men were homosexuals. But there was a contrast. One was antagonistic and actually hateful, and the other was friendly and encouraging. There were a few lessons from this.

  • You must go by the leading of the Holy Spirit, not people's opinions. There will always be different perspectives. Who should we please? God alone!

  • Don't relate to people based upon stereotypes. According to stereotypes the hateful homosexual should have been the gentleman with all the mannerisms.