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Extreme Saturday on The Hill
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June 10, 2006


Extreme Saturday Format

  • Local Christian Bands playing a variety of styles of music
  • Free Food and Free Clothing
  • Between the bands we will have human videos. (This is one of the key events. Songs with powerful lyrics and attention getting music. With the drama team, the songs will come to life). There will be short messages between the songs to emphasize the themes of each song.
  • Preaching on being set free and receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • There will be a time for prayer, healing, and deliverance
  • Anointed worship

UPDATE 6/02/06
This Extreme Saturday is to be different than any we have done in the past. Instead of focusing on providing a variety of entertainment to help bring people to the event, we are focusing on worship to invite the presence of God to the event. (Of course, at each previous event there certainly has been the presence of God. Previous Extreme Saturdays)

We will be worshipping the Lord at a place where there has been much false worship. Isn't it time for American Christians to take their worship into the dark places instead of keeping it within the church walls. This may be a stretch for some. But here is something to think about. If we are not willing to worship our God in the public arena, how legitimate is our worship within the church? If we are not willing to worship our Savior publicly, how willing are we going to be to fulfill the Great Commission. If we are too embarrassed, frightened to worship our God, we probably will not share our faith. So, if this is a stretch for you, come and experience the anointing of God move upon your life.

We are inviting all believers to come and worship the Lord with us. At the same time be prepared to share the love of God with the unsaved. We believe that as we are worshipping the Lord in the park, there will be those who the holy Spirit will draw that are hungry and thirsty. More can be accomplished through one hungry soul that wants to be delivered than 'entertaining' hundreds.

It is very significant what we are doing at the time we are doing it. On June 24-25 will be Gay Pride events. Some of these will occur at Volunteer Park. Lets dedicate the park for the Lord and ask for His holy angels to inhabit the park and bring godly sorrow in the hearts of those who come during gay pride weekend.

If you would like to read the events that took place to bring us to the point of changing the Extreme Saturday format, click here.



As soon as we have time we will post testimonies from attendees. There was around 60 participants and at least 8 churches represented. There was a real sense of unity. Praise God!


Volunteers Needed:
Sound Technician with equipment
Prayer Warriors
Helpers-Van driver, set up and clean up crew, food servers
Street Evangelists

All are welcome to participate in this event. The only requirement is that you are a committed follower of Jesus Christ, in submission to your local church leadership and have a desire to help bring hope and eternal life to others.

If you are interested in participating in Extreme Saturday,  fill out the form below and/or give us a call at 206-860-2945.

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Event Changes
Here on some situations that have occurred to confirm to use that it is God's will for our main focus to be worship and God's will for Extreme Saturday.

Over the last few months, several intercessors for the Capitol Hill and Seattle area have felt impressed that it is a season where the Lord wants pure worship in public settings.

There is an intercessor who has been involved in previous Extreme Saturdays. At the very first Extreme Saturday while they were interceding prior to the event, they had visions of a strong demonic stronghold and oppression over the park area. They were impressed that the strongman was the spirit of emasculation. On the day of the event we had an individual who was an alcoholic and who started having demonic manifestations. People prayed for him with no results and then someone walked up and commanded the spirit of immaculate to leave and the man was immediately set free. This same intercessor drove through Volunteer Park last week and as soon as they came towards the area of the event the sensed the anointing of God and felt that the spiritual environment had changed from a few years ago.

During prayer last Friday night at the park there was a word from an intercessor that we are to forget the former things, that God is doing a new thing. There will be a release of the Spirit. During worship at Victory Life Center last Sunday, the was a breakout of extreme worship and then there was a word given about forgetting the former things by someone who knew nothing about Friday night.

As we were in prayer Friday night, someone read the verses about Elijah and the prophets of Baal. I sensed that as we worship on June 10, we will pulling down the false worship that has been in Capitol Hill. On Sunday morning at VLC someone (who knew nothing about Friday night) spoke on the same verses.

Overall in the midst of prayer on Friday there was a strong sense of God will honor or commitment to emphasize worship. His pre sense will powerful and it will touch lives. The fire of the Holy Spirit can do things in a moment that it may take years of counseling, prayer, casting out of demons, etc. At VLC last Sunday the fire of God fell in a powerful way during the worship.

I share all this to say that God has made it clear that it his will for Extreme Saturday which means there will be fruit from our meager efforts to help change a community.

We realize that because of a different emphasis there may not be as many lost who will be at the event. We have had many attend in the past. But the reality is that most of them do not walk away with true repentance. We believe that this Extreme Saturday there will be a difference. There will be those who will have godly sorrow that leads to true repentance. Praise God!

P.S.S. I mention VLC because it is the church I attend and I have been fasting and praying asking God to confirm to me His will for Extreme Saturday. I realize the Lord is moving in other churches in the area.